The Magicians, S1E10: Definitely not Fillory

The key-to-Fillory button turns out to be a key not to Fillory, but to the Neitherlands. (Neither Here nor There, get it?) Not cool, little wish-granting ferret! Jane Chatwin asks you for a key to Fillory, and you give her a key to some other place entirely? Sneaky little bastard! The Neitherlands is an endless... Continue Reading →


The Magicians, S1E9: A real feel-good tale

Buckle up, people. In addition to some very unsavory events (child snuff and pedophilia, to name two), there’s a lot of important information in this episode, and it’s flying at you fast and furious. This is one you’ll feel like you need to watch twice in order to pick up on all the hints dropped... Continue Reading →

The Magicians, S1E8: Mike, we hardly knew ye

We pick up right where we ended last episode. Quentin and Alice have just returned to the Cottage from Brakebills South (Antarctica), and of course they’re still wearing their dopey white long john outfits. Eliot and Mike are outside barbequeing and as introductions are made, Eliot picks up on the body language between Quentin and... Continue Reading →

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