LSAT Vocabulary Project, Part 3: in which I break down and spend some money

Well, I have to admit that I hit a wall. My original plan was to use FME and Python to extract the text from all released LSAT exams (using optical character recognition, or OCR) and generate a list of the most commonly used “LSAT vocabulary words” – that is, words that AREN’T ordinary words like... Continue Reading →


Toward an LSAT vocabulary list using Python and FME, Part 2: The good, the bad, and the ugly

I embarked on this project last Thursday, September 28. This is the tale of my technical woes and triumphs. This gets a little jargon-y, but I think I’ve done an okay job of explaining the technical details well enough that a pure novice can understand what I’m doing. I can’t guarantee, however, that you’ll find... Continue Reading →

Improve your LSAT vocabulary with Python and FME!

or, How to over-engineer the creation of a vocabulary study list pervasive even-handed connote repudiate cognizance impropriety forestall lamented contradiction plowed validity oligarchy despotism devoid equivocate onerous zealous retribution vindicated The above are words my students have asked me to define for them over the past couple months. I teach university students and graduates to... Continue Reading →

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