Dark Matter S2E1: Out with a bang

This recap contains spoilers for episode 1 of season 2 of Dark Matter (“Welcome to Your New Home”). Read at your own risk. It’s baa-aaack! After a long, lonely, sci-fi-free winter, our patience is rewarded with a new season of both Dark Matter AND Killjoys (recap to come), two great series you should be watching.... Continue Reading →


The Magicians, S1E11: The Kolinahr ritual goes bad

This episode was a good mix of strong emotional moments—wherein the characters let down their self-protective walls and show their true feelings to us and to each other—and fun, dork-centric comedic moments. We’re still not in Fillory, where we certainly thought we’d go sooner than this, given that the not-really-key-to-Fillory button showed up two episodes... Continue Reading →

The Magicians, S1E8: Mike, we hardly knew ye

We pick up right where we ended last episode. Quentin and Alice have just returned to the Cottage from Brakebills South (Antarctica), and of course they’re still wearing their dopey white long john outfits. Eliot and Mike are outside barbequeing and as introductions are made, Eliot picks up on the body language between Quentin and... Continue Reading →

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